Help4Section 8 was created to help you find government assisted Housing Choice Voucher Program (also known as Section 8). There are over 450 cities at any given time that are accepting applications for government subsized low income housing grants to help you in these tough economic times. We manage one the most up-to-date sites to help people quickly find out about current, open Section 8 Housing Authority (HUD) lotteries immediately. By applying to all open city and state agencies in a timely manner, you can increase your chances of getting a grant.

Help4Section8 is the only site of it’s kind that has Up-to-date open section 8 rental locations available. As a general rule, other websites do not assist with locating open housing authority lotteries. We have made your task easier by listing Actual Open HUD locations and details for applying.

What is Section 8 and how does it work?

Approved appliers receive vouchers which are used to subsidize the monetary value of housing. These vouchers are presented to individuals who fulfil certain income and garnered income prerequisites. The goal of these programs are to provide low cost living accommodations for low income occupants.

The main voucher program works differently depending on the housing available to you in your area. A voucher may limit you to a specific lodging complex or it may let you to locate private lodging that takes vouchers as payment.

The requirements for the Housing Choice Voucher Program changes from one area to the next. Your family will need to garner no more then 50 % of the medial income in your area. As a broad rule of thumb, in 2009 the median value income for a family was about $ 50,000. This should include all income for a unmarried family, not just the applicant attempting aid through the voucher program.

The Public Housing Bureau that processes your application may also take other factors into consideration while processing your application. This may include the number of individuals in your home, the age of the occupiers, the employment status of the applier or occupiers, citizenship condition, etc.. In general, the Public Housing Government agency will give preference to exceedingly low-income families.